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Working with SESMailer

SESMailer is a Windows desktop client for Amazon Simple Email Service, which is a highly scalable email delivery service. You can start sending your first mail campaign within 10 minutes if you follow simple steps:

  1. Download SES Mailer and install it.
  2. Subscribe to Amazon SES Service. Subscription is free. You pay only for sent messages. Pricing is very low in comparison to all online mail delivery services.
  3. Request production access. It may take some time before Amazon approves your application (minutes to hours). Meanwhile you can start creating your campaign.
  4. Start SESMailer. On first run SESMailer will start a Wizard, which will guide you through the process. There are several steps involved in campaign:
    - "From" address verification
    - Adding recipients
    - Composing the message
    - Sending it
  5. Enter some test recipients and messages and send them through SESMailer (Production access is needed at this point).

Please see online documentation if you would like to get more details of how to work with SESMailer.


Initially each new Amazon SES account has 1,000 mesages/day and 1 message/second limits. These limits will grow exponentially, if you use the limit fully for several days. For example, send 999 quality emails per day for 3 days and your quota will grow to 2,000-10,000 messages/day and 10 messages/second.

SESMailer automatically helps you grow your quota. If you need to send 2,000 messages, SESMailer will smartly send as much as allowed by Amazon and queue the rest, so that you could continue sending the next day. This way you are using your limit up to the maximum and Amazon will raise it quickly, within days.